In 1928, an All Parties Convention was convened to solve the constitutional challenges of India. A panel was create under Pandit Lal Nehru. That panel prepared a report which is called " Nehru Report". This report required " Dominion Status" to get India. Individual electorates were refused as well as the reservation of seats pertaining to the Muslims of Bengal and Punjab was turned down. In this report, not a single demand in the Muslims was upheld. As Nehru Record was the final term from Hindus therefore Mister. Jinnah was authorized to draft in concise term the basis of any foreseeable future constitution that was to end up being devised to get India. Originally these requirements were 18 in quantity and so they popularly came to be known as " Jinnah's Fourteen Points". In Mar 1929, with the annual program of All india Muslim little league, he reported his well-known fourteen items.


1 . Federal System

The shape of the future metabolic rate should be federal government with the residuary powers relaxed in the provinces. 2 . Comarcal Autonomy

A uniform way of measuring autonomy shall be granted to any or all provinces. a few. Representation of Minorities

Almost all legislative in the area and other chosen bodies will probably be constituted on the definite principles of satisfactory and effective representation of minorities in every province devoid of reducing almost all in any province to a group or even equality. 4. Range of Muslim Representative

In the central legislative, Muslims representative should be not less than 1 -third. five. Separate Electorates

Representative of public groups shall continue to be by means of separate electorates as at the moment provided that shall be ready to accept any community, at any time to abandon its separate canton in favour of joint electorate. 6th. Muslim The greater part Provinces

Any kind of territorial re-distribution that might whenever you want be important shall not in any way, effect the Muslim majority in Punjab, Bengal and N. Watts. F. P. 7. Religious Liberty

Complete religious Liberty, liberty of...