ACCG 399: Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice

ACCG 399 Developing a Reflective Capacity Direction

Developing a refractive capacity – Independent Study Activities to help you in the completing your reflective learning wood logs and essays. Introduction A central aim of this device is to present you with an opportunity to improve your reflective ability. What do we all mean by term " reflective capacity"? It means you have the ability, and the most importantly, the willingness, to reflect. Expression is a form of thinking -- about a lot of event or experience with a view to changing how we may well act, respond or generally learn from that have. You might realize that you could have interpreted a situation differently or could have performed something more effectively. This awareness may lead to a change in what you are doing, or how you see items, in the future. Clearly, this is a capacity we would expect almost all professionals to produce. The learning log We expect you to keep a learning sign during the study course. The purpose of the learning log is to give you the time and space to reflect on your learning during the module. This kind of guidance handout provides you with a number of activities to assist you ‘get started'. We would expect that as you may develop your reflective capacity you are going to become more self-aware, self-critical, and open to change. You may find that your determination changes as a result of reflection -- you may be astonished at how much you will be learning, which may inspire you to try things out and learn yet more. Activity 1: Week 1 – Setting up your learning sign in order to exercise the best way to accomplish this, you need to know whatever we expect you to perform. As a bare minimum we claim that you write inside your log once weekly: reflecting on • • • the lecture the tutorial; and on any group or individual study activities.

You will probably need to jot down immediate thoughts and reflections, during classes or perhaps independent study, while it can be fresh in your mind. But you will even want to sit down at home and publish in a more easygoing way too. So you'll probably still find it easiest to use a loose-leaf A4 file/folder. Therefore you can insert pieces of conventional paper as and when you want. Head up each reflection with the day and period, and your area. Leave an empty space, or column, on each of your page, so that you can go back some days or perhaps weeks after, and add in a extra reflections.


ACCG 399: Concerns in Accounting Theory and Practice

Start writing – now! The learning outcomes in this unit are located in the course format. Read these people through at this point. And now choose a first items into your learning log. The actual learning effects make sense to you? Can you determine what they mean? Can you see how that they relate to those activities in lectures and training courses and self-employed study? Note down any queries that you might have about these learning outcomes. You may raise these types of questions while using lecturer, instructor or fellow students at the time you next observe them. You can even return to these later in the module and track your progress. Where do I begin? What may well you write about? Here is a set of possibilities (please note suggests are these meant to be all inclusive getaways, allow your creativeness and creativeness to take precedence): Often it can be useful to think about a specific event: • • • • describing the case or encounter asking yourself just how it built you feel wanting to know how you taken care of immediately the event or perhaps experience wanting to know how you might respond to an identical event in the future – what would you carry out differently?

Concerns, difficulties and confusions: • • • identify troubles or scandale that you are suffering from work out how to approach these difficulties identify how you will might have averted a difficulty/confusion

Getting more out of actions: • • • determine how you could have made more of a particular celebration or scenario identify whatever you enjoy about the module/activity work out the best way to get more from the module/activity