This study will attempt to find out the awareness of Maubanin through Alternative Learning System Program. The research can make a review for one of Barrangay here in Mauban Quezon. Specifically, that seeks to answer the following problem:

1 . Precisely what is Alternative Program Program?

installment payments on your Where I can take ALS classes?

three or more. How can I sign up for ALS class?

5. What are certain requirements?

5. Whom conduct WIE class?

six. How long perform ALS classes last?

six. Are we required to join ALS A& E classes before we could take ALS A& Elizabeth test? almost 8. Is there a great age limit for taking WIE A& Elizabeth test?

being unfaithful. Where may i register for Alternate Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency check 2014? 10. Are WIE classes and livelihood programs for free?

The respondent is definitely the Maubanin. The researcher will probably be choose one Baranggay in Mauban Quezon.

The strategy that will be utilization in this exploration will be the Detailed Research Method. And the main instrument will be a survey set of questions. In that set of questions the research will be measure the study that will be executed.


This analysis entitled " Maubanin Recognition through Substitute Learning Program program in Mauban Quezon” should study the awareness of Maubanin through WIE. Commonwealth Work No . 70 of 1936 which created the Office of Adult Education under the Office of Teaching called for the inclusion of the adult education stream in the national education system. The thrust from the Office of Adult Education was business instruction. In 1947, work of Mature Education was changed into the Adult and Community Education Division (ACED) of the Bureau of Community Schools. The Community Education element aimed at offering assistance in post-war restoring efforts. The Division intended to integrate the training of the child with that of the adult toward home and community betterment, as well as to employ community assets in instruction in order to make university learning even more responsive and related to the realities of life. In addition, it sought to aid in the progress children, children, and adults in order to become beneficial citizens through participation in democratic your life. However , in 1969, ACED was eliminated and its functions were subsumed under the Countrywide Manpower Children Council. In 1977, the re-assimilation of the nonformal Education (NFE) inside the education paperwork was again formalized by using a Presidential Decree, enacting the creation with the position of the Undersecretary of Education, Lifestyle and Athletics for Non-Formal Education. Following EDSA I actually, Executive Buy No . 117 of 1987, decreed the creation of the Bureau of nonformal Education (BNFE). The Bureau aimed at teaching-learning in nonformal configurations for the marginalized areas.




MAIN PROBLEM: If Maubanin understands through Substitute Learning Program Program? ASSERTION OF THE ISSUE:

1 . What is demographic profile of Maubanin based on their very own:

a. Age

b. Gender

2 . What is Alternative Program Program?

three or more. Where I am able to take WIE classes?

5. How can I register for ALS class?

a few. What are certain requirements?

6. Whom conduct ALS class?

7. How long carry out ALS classes last?

almost 8. Are all of us required to sign up for ALS A& E classes before we are able to take ALS A& Electronic test? 9. Is there an age limit for taking WIE A& At the test?

15. Where am i able to register for Alternative Learning Program Accreditation and Equivalency evaluation 2014? 11. Are WIE classes and livelihood courses for free?


If a single were to request the man in the street what he could be understands the word " education”, almost always, his answer would be " likely to school in order to learn”. To common person, education can be predictably linked to the learning that takes place in schools. This is general understanding historically depending on tradition.

Based on the module that...