Andrea Jung's Makeover of Avon Items, Inc.


Avon confronts the good competition within just fields they may be trying to expand into a nutritional products called Well being.

Any effort to sell goods via the Internet and through price tag channels has become rejected by representatives.

How could Avon maintain steadily its number one direct seller of beauty and beauty-related items in the future with current market trends?

How can Avon enter the teen series cosmetics and make that profitable?

Reliance on direct sales will certainly hinder Avon in the future unless their products are incredibly superior that women seek them out.

Difficulty Statement

Avon's strength lies in its capability to sell its products directly to it is customers. These are the leading direct seller of personal care products in the world. Avon's biggest strength is now one of its biggest obstacles. Virtually any initiative or perhaps strategy set about by the organization to grow beyond the direct sales version is met with fierce resistance by its sales reps. Any work to sell on the net and through retail programs has been declined by the associates.


Since many young ladies are using make-up these days, Avon should certainly develop an inexpensive, teen collection.

Sharing advertising/branding costs among all countries will certainly lower the operating costs.

Use Avon product positioning in well-known movies and television shows.

Kick off the men collection products to cover the market require.

Recruit you representatives to generate more income.

Enter to the brand new countries that have a potential to grow and earn enough profits electronic. g. Vietnam

Promote a nutritional products by recruiting the sport celebration.

Educate the representatives to point out the need of bringing out the new circulation channels.

Broaden the new division channels to facilitate the customers and prevent the dropping in direct sales later on e. g. the airlines.

Create the innovative products to buyer. For...