Company Behavior

Group Assignment (25%)

Case one particular: Managing Motivation in a Challenging Economy (15%)

Learning Goals

In this case, you will an opportunity to assess a motivational plan designed to re-energize a troubled company's staff. Acting on account of the business executive table, you'll evaluate the board's current strategy based on survey data. You'll also guide board associates about improving the effectiveness of this system based on what you've learned about goal setting and motivation in organizations.

Major Theme Areas

•Changing characteristics of work

•Diversity and age

•Goal environment

•Organizational downsizing

•Organizational proper rights

The Scenario

Morgan-Moe's drug retailers are struggling. A major local player inside the retail market, the company provides hundreds of shops in the upper Midwest. Regrettably, a sharp fall in the region's manufacturing overall economy has place management within a serious economical bind. Revenues have been constantly dwindling. Buyers spend much less, and the shops have had to swap their target to very low-margin goods, such as milk and generic drugs, as opposed to the high-margin impulse-buy items that accustomed to be you’re able to send bread and butter. The firm has already established to close several locations, curing its expansion plans initially since it designed.

Being that this is uncharted territory intended for the company, Jim Claussen, vp for human being relations, had been struggling with the right way to address the problem with employees. As you’re able to send fortunes worsened, he could see that personnel were becoming more and more disaffected. Their particular insecurity of their jobs was taking a toll about attitudes. The company's downsizing was big information, and the staff didn't like what they were hearing.

Media reports of Morgan-Moe's store closings have centered on the lack of improve notice or communication in the company's corporate and business offices, and also the lack of severance payments pertaining to departing staff. In the lack of official details, rumors and gossip have spread like wildfire amongst remaining workers. A few furious blogs manufactured by laid-off employees, like IHateMorganMoe. blogspot. com, have made the morale and public relations picture even worse.

Morgan-Moe is changing in other techniques as well. The average age of their workforce can be increasing quickly. A couple of factors have written for this move. First, fewer qualified young adults are around because many families have shifted south to find jobs. Second, stores have been completely actively prompted to hire old workers, including retirees trying to find some additional income. Managers are very receptive to these old workers as they are more mature, miss fewer times of work, and do not have child-care responsibilities. Also, they are often even more qualified than younger staff because they may have more encounter, sometimes inside the managerial or executive rates high.

These kinds of older employees have been a fantastic asset for the company in troubled moments, but they are especially likely to leave if issues get poor. If these types of older personnel start to keep the company, currently taking their hard-earned experience with all of them, it seems probably that Morgan-Moe will drain deeper toward bankruptcy.

The System

Claussen wasn't quite sure tips on how to respond to employees' sense of hopelessness and fear till a friend offered him a book entitled Male's Search for Meaning. The publication was authored by a psychologist named Victor Frankl who survived the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Frankl found that those who had a clear perception of goal, a reason to have, were very likely to persevere when confronted with nearly unspeakable suffering. Something about this book, as well as its advocacy of finding meaning and direction so as to triumph over difficulty, really stuck with Claussen. This individual thought he may be able to apply its lessons to his workforce. He proposed the concept of a new course for administration to the business executive...