1 ) Three the same circles of radius 31 cm happen to be tangent to one another externally. A fourth circle of the same radius was driven so that it is center can be coincidence while using center of the space bounded by the 3 tangent sectors. Find the location of the location inside the next circle although outside the first three sectors. It is the shaded region shown in the determine below.

Answer: 214. 32 cm2

2 . By a car vacationing east for 40 kilometers per hour, an airplane touring horizontally north at 90 miles per hour is visible one particular mile east, 2 miles south, and 2 miles up. Discover when this two will probably be nearest together.


three or more. The area bounded by the corsa X2─ 2Y + 2 = zero and its latus rectum is rotated regarding the back button –axis, find the volume generated.

Answer: V= π U3


1 ) Find the volume of the ball circumscribed in regards to a regular tetrahedron of border 25 centimeter. See Determine 015. �

2 . Circle with the family of ________________.

A. Allegoria

B. Raccourci

C. Collection

D. Hyperbola

Ans. C.

3. Infinity minus Infinitude, infiniteness equals?


Answer: Indeterminate


1 .



2 . According to Newton's Rules of Cooling, the rate where a element cools in air is directly proportionate to the difference between the temperatures of the substance and that of air. If the temperature of the air is definitely 30° as well as the substance lowers from 100° to 70° in a quarter-hour, how long can it take to awesome 100° to 50°? Answer: 33. fifty nine min

a few. A rubber ball was created to fall from a elevation of 50 ft and is noticed to recurring 2/3 with the distance it falls. What lengths will the ball travel just before coming to snooze if the ball continues to fall in this manner? Solution: 250 ft