Color images; also known as color symbolism can be described as literary application that identifies the meaning linked to a certain color.  The color symbolizes a or that means. Author's use color images to help you reference the impression or that means. In literary works it is an object or research used to offer meaning for the writing further than what is essentially being explained. It can be restrained or obvious, used cautiously or strong. An author may repeat precisely the same object to communicate a deeper which means or may possibly use distinctions of the same object to produce a feeling or feeling. Nothing Precious metal Can Stay, written by Robert frost back in 1923, uses color symbolism. The title of the poem is known as a metaphor in which the gold signifies value and wealth thus when it says nothing precious metal can stay it means that nothing that may be precious or of great worth in the materialistic way can last forever. Gold symbolizes materialism it will not previous for extended and it offers an false happiness. Platinum and other activities such as, money usually takes years to accumulate but can be depleted instantly. � On the other hand, things having emotion and sentimental beliefs cannot be bought with money and therefore will stay with us throughout our your life. � Ice says " nature's first green is definitely gold” he compares area of nature " green' with something which can be bought; gold. He is aiming to portray that nature's initially bounty is definitely green that it is just as valuable as rare metal. Green can represent character, the environment, good luck, youth, energy source, jealousy, envy, and misfortune. Green could be regarded as the color of everlasting life. Rare metal is also linked to royalty. That represents the colour of the heavens. Gold from this poem identifies COLOR IMAGERY IN POEMS 3

junior, beauty and purity. When nature receives its 1st gold, she gets already recognized that your woman can't...

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