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Essay upon joint family members vs . nuclear family program E E E Elizabeth E


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Essay about joint relatives vs . nuclear family program


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A joint family consists members of the family which can be related each other and share a common ancestry, religious beliefs, and home. All the doing work members of the family pool area together the actual earn and ha these people over to the top who is generally the eldest. The relatives head takes care of the entire relatives. Any affiliate who earns extra money offers equal status. Hence, the joint family puts into practice the concept: 'To each according to his requirements, from every accord to his talents. " The idea is socialistic in character. The joint family product is a feature of agricultural communities. These are existing in countries as China and India whose economic system is based on agricultural produce. Ordinaire living, collective fanning and collective discuss in family wealth are definitely the traditional highlights of the joint. The joint family preserves the tradition, customs and mariners inherited to this. Traditional tradition and skill in artwork and build are secured from generation to technology. There is trademark labour where members attend to different function and contribute to the welfare with the family as being a unit. A joint family provides an best setting to get culture of virtues. The inspiration of joint family is primarily based...