Guests with the Nation

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" Guests of the Nation" is a brief story authored by Frank O'Connor, first released in 1931, representing the execution of two Englishmen held captive by the Irish His party Army throughout the War for Independence. The storyline is split up into four sections, each section taking a different tone. The first reveals a real feeling of companionship between the English language prisoners, together with the two Englishmen being killed, and the final lines in the story describe the nauseating effect this betrayal is wearing the Irishmen. The very last sentence, typically praised by critics, is definitely reminiscent of Gogol's " and from that day time forward, every thing appeared to me as if within a different mild. " Character types [edit]



Jeremiah Donovan



This Woman

• Guests With the Nation can be an ironic/sarcastic description of British Military hostages seized in the Irish war of Independence simply by Irish liberty fighters • A hostage is patient of aggression in a raw dispute among warring factions • Belcher: Belcher is a big Englishman who is one of many hostages, he was the less busy of the two who ingratiated himself with all the old female of the house by simply helping her with her daily duties. Belcher got made her his good friend for life. Belcher on realising his destiny seemed to recognize it as " what ever unforced found thing however always been awaiting had arrive at last”. His feeling organisation perceives him preparing his own blindfold to get his performance. His valor and generosity sees him request of his executioners that they finish off Hawkins first before he satisfies his personal fate. This is certainly further exhibited in Belchers acknowledging to his executioners that they are only doing their duty. Belchers whole personality and persona is found in his last declaration. His Mrs had still left eight years before " want away with an additional fellow and took a child with her. I like the feeling of a house, as you may have noticed, but My spouse and i couldn't start another once again after that”. •...