Khadijah Ricks

Mentor Jim Delise

Mosasics II


Galileo versus the Moon Truther

When Galileo first turned his telescope for the moon, he previously no idea that he was about to see something that would solid doubt after centuries-old beliefs. At the time of Galileo, science was based upon the teachings of Aristotle. According to Aristotle, the Earth was your center from the universe. Every heavenly body, including the celestial satellite, were perfect spheres that moved around the Earth with circular moves or mixtures of circular motions, as well as the Earth was your only method to obtain imperfection in the universe. In line with the moon truther, there are two reasons why he describes the moon as a hologram. The first part of evidence of so why he thinks the moon is a hologram, is that this individual takes the images that NASA had placed a picture, of the moon and a so called skyrocket that isn't a rocket. Plus the picture proven has practically nothing in the background. No stars or anything. As well, he claims that the moon appears smeared inside the picture shown, and this individual shows an image of a satellite tv. And shows the stages of the moon and just how it should appearance on selected day. The method that this individual uses to support his conclusions is quite difficult to describe. He just facets his finding off additional evidence believed by others who support this theory. But down the line in the online video, he uses his telescope and sights the moon on the day of June fourth and looks on the chart of phases of the moon. So he makes a speculation and testing it. Nevertheless I don't think he abides by all the steps. Galileo's telescope opened a windowpane on the heavens that prior astronomers would have only wanted for: abruptly the moon, the backdrop of stars, plus the planets were revealed because having houses never just before imagined. The moon, a disc for the naked vision, was revealed to have a mountainous surface, covered with craters, basins, and peaks, much like the the planet itself. This kind of discovery arrived as a shock, both to conventional research and to the Church. And...