eCommerce Application " Acquire Chocolate On the net? Try” The Business Chance

The demand for high-quality chocolate has been increasing rapidly since the early 1990s. Several neighborhood and global companies are competitive in this industry. Godiva Chocolatier is a famous international organization based in New York whose retailers can be found in a huge selection of malls globally. The company was looking for ways to boost its product sales, and after rejecting the use of a CD-ROM catalog, completely the valor to try online product sales, as early as year 1994. The company was obviously a pioneering elektronische geschaftsabwicklung that exploited an opportunity years before it is competitors.

The Project

Teaming with Smolder Multimedia (an e-commerce pioneer), Godiva. com was created as a division of Godiva Chocolatier. The aim was to promote online both to individuals and also to businesses. Since its online beginnings in year 1994, the Godiva. com history parallels the dynamic growth of e-commerce (see Reda 2004). Godiva. com went through difficult times—testing e-commerce technologies because they appeared; screwing up at times, nevertheless maintaining their commitment to online providing; and, finally, becoming the fastest-growing division of Godiva, outpacing projections. Godiva. com symbolizes a true accomplishment story. Below we present some of the milestones encountered. The main driving factors in year 1994 were Net user categories of chocolate fans, who were referring to Godiva and whom the business hoped to sell its product online. Like other innovators, Godiva had to build its Web site from day one without EC-building tools. A partnership was made with Chocolatier Magazine, enabling Godiva. com to show off articles and recipes from the magazine upon its web page in exchange intended for providing an online magazine subscription form to get e-shoppers. Nice of the significance of relevant articles was accurate, as was the need for new content. The delivery of games and puzzles, which has been considered essential to attract people to EC sites, was identified to be a...