To lead a major group of people it takes determination, leadership, understanding, patience and creativeness. I have been captain of the mature soccer team intended for four years now and I have learned a lot. It is extremely hard to acquire a big group and to accomplish all of the requirements, however it only takes tolerance and a sensitive, yet strong personality to succeed being a leader. When it comes to leading a country, many things must be taken into consideration. You need to be fair, you have to be a role version and you have to truly keep your guarantees. If I was the leader of my country, I would discover a way to make it easy to end up being very democratic, I would arranged an example for all people, via small kids to adults and I for sure might only produce promises that we knew I could keep.

The Dominican Republic is a little island with many of the prevalent problems which usually all countries face today. Some are a bit more drastic, even so the country offers its gems too. Picturing myself while the leader of my country, I would become very democratic. Every person has got the right to speak and choose its own wishes. With such a large masses it will be challenging but people have to be heard, from problems to great comments.

Placing an example is important. I worry about what other folks say and since a leader, We can't lead if I terribly lack the value of the people and I won't be able to correct them if Now i am making errors too. Many leaders have experienced their scandals like Ruben F. Kennedy and others also because of this that they loose admiration. To set an example I would continue to be distant of the people to prevent scandals and to show just how noble a leader can be I would make charitable organization donations pertaining to the improvement in lifestyle of the people in will need.

All frontrunners from across the world make their promises to get chosen and do not retain those claims. As head of my own country I understand how much these promises indicate to the people, therefore I would just make the promises I knew I really could keep. Claims like the improvement of homes and offer...