Human being Service Circumstance Analysis


The interview process among a clinician and his or perhaps her client seems to be the groundwork where treatment and healing starts. Dependent on the kind of case and diagnosis can be presented certain settings, tactics, and boundaries will be used on produce the best results. As a result, it is very important for a specialist to fully comprehend how what may appear insignificant in his or her opinion adversely can affect his or her consumer in the vastest way. A scenario of a 15-year-old Philippine female lately hospitalized pertaining to attempted suicide will be used as being a theoretical case study and the strategies in helping her will be examined. The primary goal of the circumstance analysis is to evaluate, identify, and deal with the fresh girl in regard to her extraordinary set of situations, personal features, and ethnic divergence. Additional to the clinician's initial goals it is important that a stage is definitely prepared intended for the client to feel required to connect openly and receive direction to recover.

Alexis Gomez was known me with a hospital social worker called to investigate her attempted committing suicide case. My own services is usually requested to work closely with the young teenage woman in deciding the length of her therapy, if she would require institutionalized treatment, and the point out of her home environment. The 1st interview was thought far better to be slated at one among my office's located in a small community agency near to the client's residence to provide a significantly less sterile and clinical atmosphere. To gain a much better perspective of the individual I was in order to meet so as well to help form healthy anticipations I reviewed the remarks gathered by the hospital cultural worker describing the fresh girl's medical, family, and cultural backdrop. Upon learning the information presented I discovered Alexis came from an well-off two-parent household with two older siblings living in a quiet provincial town. The girl with an reverance student enrolled in all AP courses by a Catholic school wherever she is linked to numerous athletic sports and is well-liked simply by her colleagues. Although Alexis' family history reveals that in the Philippine culture is highly highly valued above some other and is the primary societal unit she is experiencing relationship issues with her mother and littermates. In a classic Filipino friends and family the father is reported to encompass the role of provider and head of house even though the mother takes on the required the home-based and emotional development and values of the family (philippinecountry. com, 2006). The teenagers is said to have a new close personal relationship with her mom but lately has been feeling closed off and inadequate because of her mother's regular mood adjustments usually provided to the fresh girl. As well, Alexis provides stated in short , that she gets abandoned and alone because her mature siblings use less good time with her or at home because of work and personal associations. Moreover, friends and family tensions have been completely a cause for extra stress in your own home environment between her parents, older brother, plus the relationship the fogeys disapprove of leaving him to move away. Given that inside the Filipino lifestyle families are extraordinarily close parents at times find it difficult to allow their children to leave, specifically their first born son, which many times ends in adult kids staying house as long as they will please (philippinecountry. com, 2006). As I continuing to peruse the reviews, I found that Alexis' anxious action was too motivated by her parent's limited and obstructing behavior constraining her cultural freedoms or perhaps relationships, pressure to exceed in school since education inside the Filipino background is considered central to upward mobility and social ranking (everyculture. com, n. deb. ), and bullying via jealous peers. The youthful girl appears to isolate herself even via those closest to her and exhibits indications of resentfulness and hostility that promote...

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