The Year In Review: 2010

Really that time once again when we echo upon the earth and seek to do better with the resolutions. It turned out an eventful year. I suppose we were expecting it to be when Yahoo announced using a bang in January that its company network have been attacked. Together with the follow up getting the strike on the Iranian Nuclear Establishments through the Stuxnet worm, the Gulf leak that happened from BP's Oil Drip, Pakistan's Floods to the finale this month with all the US Cable Spill, 2010 will be recalled as the year of struggles and turmoil. In the midst of a lot flooding of stress, anxiety, five unique trends was out that could well sum up the year that was 2010 and possibly inform us a bit of what 2011 will hold. The Climb of Leaking and The End of Privacy

it was an extremely busy season on the level of privacy front certainly nothing showcased the strength of the sociable web compared to the way technology was used this coming year in multiple forms. From your news of Tony Hayward, CEO of BP's Private yacht trip during the worst from the Gulf olive oil spill to the recent US cable leaking which have experienced consequences to get the political fiefdom in our country and have given rise to new meanings towards the terms ‘Open government', ‘Public Interest' (do we really value the hot Ukrainian blonde) and ‘Radical Transparency'. With Google also in the hot water over it roaming street view vehicles, to Facebook's new Personal privacy settings which usually basically distributed your profile to promoters expect the Web community in particular and the govt to become much more concerned about how to handle all of our personal data this year. Recession Evidence: Mobile Rules 2010

Undoubtedly, the explosion of the smart phone landscape in 2009 and the allure of earning profits from the new data services and surrounding companies in Pakistan have made the mobile and telco market a behemoth to deal with. Apple's apple iphone 4 was launched early this year followed up by the equally drool worthy iPad plus the world has never been the...