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Understanding Mercedes-Benzes' company strength

MB's brand is evaluated along the line of the CBBE pyramid. Which consists out of two factors the " left” and the " right” side, that stand for the explanation and the mental route correspondingly of the brand value creation. Why is a strong brand, is that both equally routes are incorporated in to the brand building process. Just how this pertains to MB can be defined under.


Keller, (2013) The resonance version

1 . Salience, can be defined by the depth plus the breadth of the trademark. The depth of the brand, or perhaps the ease to which people remember MB can be very high, it truly is worldwide inside the top 5, car manufactures as well as Toyota and BMW. This is certainly relatable to their consistent promoting and visual representation in the street (distinctive product design). The breadth of the brand, is related to purchase and use situations, which is also very large intended for the brand. A reason as to the reason for this wide product identification is due to the diverse manufacturer managing promoting instruments. MB doesn't only promote surrounding the functionality area of its item, but as well looks towards different events to promote all their brand. By way of example MB relates to football night clubs and other sports, but as well to music events, consequently making MB a common recognized brand.

2 . Functionality

In the area of performance, MB has established one of its greatest advantages trough brilliantly linking consumer demands with practical performance of its merchandise. High main characteristics (engines that by no means stop) coupled with top class extra features (smooth ride) provides MB customers a premium product. Next towards the fine merchandise, service, performance, empathy, style and design are points that have MB coming from a top car manufacturer into a top of the community manufacturer.

three or more. Imagery

It's the combination of user-, purchase- and usage-imagery together with the history, heritage and the personal experiences that provide MB the reputation. They will market...