п»їA couple of days from minor's life.

January tenth, 1849

Today is a big event for me and incredibly exciting. Today in partnership with my friends George and David, My spouse and i left everything I had lurking behind and joined up with the great immigration, heading to Western world. We're in the ship Natalia. We've traveled the world out of New York harbor. We are going to Ameria with confidence we will be powerful in excavation of gold and we will reach it rich. There are various of people around the ship, by low class to higher; also, I think below may be scammers or pilferers. I think and so because everybody who knows about the gold, which was discovered in Ameria, may wish to become wealthy. For me really like I won a lottery since it is free, in order to go there, drill down the precious metal up, spend nothing, become rich and go back. Totally astonishing! The way will need up to five months and I've previously experienced a sea sickness. We don't have any thought about Ameria, but I really hope the best. May 19th, 1849

It took several weeks to get to Ameria, but were here finally. I stopped in the lodge that is merely one in the town. The evening of this day was not incredibly bright. Now i am kind of certainly not glad since there are a lot of people. Now i'm afraid that gold won't be enough for all of us. I just want to research gold for approximately $3000 and go back home. I actually miss my loved ones very much, and I'm frightened that might be I aren't handle it. May 20th, 1849

I love myself far much better than I expected. My personal partners and i also are ready to go in fields and that we have exactly what we need pertaining to digging and camping. If perhaps good luck attends us, I'm confident that the enterprise would be advantage to us all. May possibly 27th, 1849

We strolled with the burros, at night grilled our suppers, rolled the blankets around us & lay down on the ground to rest, and slept comfortably without any dread. We handed over some hills that looked dry & barren being burnt up by the sun & the very long droughts that we have here. We reached the diggings, staying surrounded by gaps dug. We all couldn't find a claim for all of us. At first we all...