The China Man

What word or phrase inside the story couldbest describe you as person?

Being WISE – Because being wise is the key to success.

Precisely what is the regards of the history to our topic?

Lesson 2


What is a Community?

Johnson in Felizmeña and Yangco (1997)

- " a group of people accumulated together within a geographic place, large or small , that have common interests, actual or potentially acknowledged in the cultural welfare field” Medina (2001)

- " a group of people showing common geographic boundaries, common values, curiosity and features within a socio-cultural context. ”

Robertson in Ronquillo (1989)

- a social group with a prevalent territorial basic with a distributed common hobbies and a feeling of " belonging”

Community -- is compose of interrelated elements structured from the different definitions of sociologists like people, territory, heritage, prevalent lifestyle, essential social service institution, distributed common values, common interests, sense of belongingness and group decision making. TYPES OF COMMUNITY:

a. Rural Areas – happen to be large and isolated areas of an open nation with low population denseness. b. Urban Areas – are characterized by higher population denseness and great human features in comparison to areas surrounding it. (ex. urban centers, towns)

c. Suburban- generally refers to a residential area. They are often the household areas of metropolis, or individual residential areas within commuting distance of a city. A few suburbs have a degree of political autonomy, and most include lower populace density than inner city neighborhoods.


Community service is described as a way of aiding an individual or perhaps family in the neighborhood in meeting a specific require even though this kind of opportunity has not been identified through a formal corporation.


a. ) a teaching and learning

strategy that integrates

meaningful community

service with training and

reflection to complement the

learning experience, teach

civic responsibility, and

strengthen areas



Model: When NSTPCWTS students collect

trash from one with the

partners' community,

then evaluate what they

found and possible

sources for them to share

the outcomes with citizens

with the neighborhood

along with suggestions

for reducing pollution


a. ) refers to an act

involving a large

variety of activities,

including classic

kinds of mutual aid

and development

interventions that

offers an enabling

and leaving you

environment both on

the part of the

named beneficiary receiving

and the you are not selected

rendering the action,

performed for

reasons as a result of


business or business


determination or

conviction for the

attainment of the

community good and

wherever monetary and

various other incentives or perhaps

reward are not the

main motivating


the practice of folks

working on behalf of

other folks or a particular

trigger without

payment for his or her

some services

c. ) viewed as an

altruistic activity

intended to promote

good or perhaps improve


a. ) any activity

performed/done by a

person for the purpose

of earning funds

b. ) given money or in

kind in return for operate

or service carried out

Model: Teacher,

Government Representatives,


Republic Work No . 9418 " You are not selected Act of 2007” Securities and exchange commission's. 2

-" It will be the coverage of the Condition to promote the participation in the various areas of the Filipino society, as necessary, foreign and overseas volunteer companies in public and civic affairs and adopt and improve the practice of volunteerism as a strategy in order to achieve national expansion and international understanding. The inculcation of volunteerism as a means of existence shall rekindle in every Philippine the time –honored tradition of Bayanihan to foster interpersonal justice, solidarity and sustainable development. ” Lesson a few