My Assignment upon Garbage Pollution

Name: Adrian Stephenson

Center #: 100152

Candidate's: 100152075

Territory: Discovery bay, jamaica

Proficiency: Standard


I would like to acknowledge all the persons who have allowed me to to full this task. These folks are my own mother and my social studies educator.


This school primarily based assessment will be based upon garbage polluting of the environment. The area chosen for review on rubbish pollution may be the community of august town. You will learn regarding the causes that contribute to trash pollution and the effects of that. The person's sights of waste pollution can also be taken into consideration.

Stand of Articles

Title Page Definition of trash pollution 5 Statement of problem six The reason for investigation 7 Technique of investigation almost 8 Procedure for info collection 9

Questionnaire 10

Continuation of questionnaire11

Chart 112

Chart 213

Graph 3 14

Graph 415

Graph a few 16

Evaluation of model of data17

Statement of findings18

Suggestion 19


Definition of Trash Pollution

Every refuse besides industrial waste materials and effluents. It is made up largely of easily decomposable and putrefying organic (animal and vegetable) waste via preparation, controlling, storage, and sale of offering of foodstuff.

Declaration of Difficulty

Why is rubbish pollution one of the major issues of my community? What are the effects of it and how it can be resolved?

Reason for Research

The reason for this kind of investigation is a result of inconsistency of appearances in the garbage enthusiasts assigned for the august area community. And when the garbage is not gathered it causes garbage pollution which allures rodents and insects which can be dangerous for the human health due to the disorders that they carry. Another reason is usually to research and know distinct means by that the community cleanliness and beauty can boost.

Method of Exploration

The investigator has selected the set of questions as a work with for the investigation in attaining info. It is a straightforward way of collecting data and does no requires too much time.

Techniques for Data Collection

The research was done on September 1, 2012, on trash pollution in the neighborhood of aug town. The researcher strolled around the community and allocated 30 forms, randomly to persons that have been seen, including friends and family. The questionnaires received to persons between the age range of doze to 18 years of age. Out of the total respondents 12-15 were females and 15 were men. Getting the info that was necessary for the questionnaire on the spot made it less difficult and it also kept allot of the time. But I actually ensured that each respondent spend enough time completing it therefore it wasn't made in much haste.

Customer survey for Community Members

1 . Sex

Male ( )Female ( )

2 . Age

12-15yrs ( )16-18yrs ( )

3. Where in August Town do you live?

Central August Town ( ) Brycill ( ) Hermitage ( ) Goldsmith Villa ( ) Bedward Garden ( ) Vietnam ( ) Jungle doze ( ) Barrette Travel ( ) Bedward New-moon ( ) July rd. ( ) 4. The length of time have you stay in the community?

1-4yrs ( ) 5-7yrs ( ) 8-10yrs ( ) others ( )

a few. Are you an environmental friendly person?

Certainly ( ) No ( )

6th. Do you have problems with waste pollution?

Yes ( ) No ( )

several. Do you understand how dangerous is garbage pollution to the...

Bibliography: Interpersonal Studies CSEC Module

Simply by; Rampersad Ramsawak and Ralph R. Umraw