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What is Independent Learning?

As you will now be aware college is very different to school, one of the important distinctions is that you are now anticipated to be able to study in a much more independent way. You are required to turn into responsible for the own learning. This means that we will not always present you with all the information, you are expected to discover much of the information yourself. This means that lessons may require one to work in groups or separately to research a subject and then supply this to the rest of the group.

Don't panic! We do understand that this is certainly quite a big adjusting for you to make, which means Independent Learning unit have been designed to help with this changeover (change).

The independent learning unit can be described as unit similar to other around the course, which means you will have to work harder to produce evidence and you will be offered a level of pass, merit or perhaps distinction by the end by your guitar tutor. However the 3rd party learning device is different to other devices in many various other ways……...

Just how is it several?

As this unit is all about how you master, it has been integrated to all the units that you'll study in the first season. This means that this kind of unit will be something that you will work on all year, rather than first semester just like all other units. It is made to compliment (support) your work consist of units, therefore helping you to progress and obtain higher grades as you go through the course.

This kind of unit is usually different because it will not be trained in the normal 3 hour lesson weekly system that we have for all various other units. Rather this device will be built-in to the training system as well as the other devices that you examine. Your guitar tutor is responsible for the assessment and grading with this unit, even so your various other unit lecturers will also cover information that will contribute to this unit plus the one they are teaching you.

This workbook has been designed to support and guide you throughout the Independent Learning unit. It can be your workbook, so make use of it in the way that suits you. It truly is designed so that you can highlight essential points and so that you can publish notes.

You are required that bring this with you to ALL tutorials (that means person and group tutorials) and lessons through the entire first yr. Please usually do not loose that!

Learning results

As you have probably noticed right now all products have ‘Learning Outcomes', these are generally just claims about what you should have completed by the end of the device. So at the conclusion of this unit (remember that will be the end of year one particular not the final of session 1) you must:

1 . Know how to use solutions to support study

2 . Have the ability to present operate an appropriate design and structure

3. Manage to manage the own research

4. Be able to plan and develop personal learning goals

How to formatting an assignment

Very soon you'll certainly be asked to create your initial assignment which needs to be done in a very specific way.

An assignment ought to be thought of as a mini dissertation. Therefore it should have a beginning, central and end.

What will need to each of these areas include?

Commencing: A summary of everything you are trying to accomplish, and your summary of the piece of work

Middle: The main bulk of the job, all the information and describing whatever you have discovered

End: An assessment of whatever you have said, plus the parts that you just wish to boost, closing overview perhaps

Tips on how to research – properly!

Given that you know what file format to write the assignment in, you need to consider how you will certainly find the information needed to write the content with the assignment.


In pairs think about and discuss the next questions –...

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